• Is it safe?

Relative to Australia, Europe and America, Egypt is nearly free of street crime, and crime in general.

Images that have appeared in the media in recent years have taken the form of sensationalism, and do not represent the genuine climate.

• What kind of preparation do I need?

Your passport must have a minimum validity of 6 months. Visas currently may be obtained at your port of arrival in Egypt for around $US 15 for up to 30 days It would be advisable to confirm this before your departure. Otherwise you can obtain a visa from the Egyptian Consulate in your region. Check their website for details.

Travel Insurance:
This is strongly recommended. Read the fine print to ensure that your particular situation is adequately covered.

Egyptian sim cards and USB modems are inexpensive and readily available. Many hotels have WIFI. For chargers and other electrical equipment a European 2 pin plug is standard.

There are now a number of systems for accessing your funds whilst travelling and it is essential that you research and compare the cost of these. Most hotels have ATMs and offices where you can access or change money. It is highly advisable to carry small denominations of local or foreign currency (US/Australian dollars, Euros, Sterling are generally accepted) for purchasing smaller items (vendors rarely have change) or tipping. It is important to inform your bank of travel plans as they may cancel your cards when foreign transactions begin appearing. In certain situations only local currency (the Egyptian Pound) is accepted.

It is the norm in Egypt to tip for a range of services from bathroom attendants to porters, drivers and guides. Small change is a must.

• What kind of dress is suitable for our holiday?

Climate and Dress: 
From May to October expect hot weather. Silk and linen are the most comfortable fabrics. It is respectful and allows for a much broader range of activities if tourists, especially women, dress conservatively. Long pants and long sleeved shirts are ideal and will also protect from the sun. If you wear singlets or sleeveless tops, keep a scarf handy to cover up where necessary. A bikini is fine around the hotel or cruise boat pool and the desert hot springs. A sunhat and sunscreen are essential. From November to April the weather is warm to mild and January can be cold. Dressing in layers works best during these months. The White Desert can be very cold at night.

• Will I be able to eat foreign food? Can I drink the water?

Food for Thought: 
If you aren’t familiar with Middle Eastern/Mediteranian style food then it might be worth dining out on it a few times in the months leading up to your trip. The five star hotels and cruise ships offer international variety and most diets are catered for. If you are gluten / lactose / salicylate intolerant, you will as usual need to do your research. The local water is heavily chlorinated. It is recommended that you drink and clean your teeth in bottled water.

• Can I make requests regarding my specific interests?

Live the Dream:
Tours can be tailored to suit your personal dates and interests. Popular focuses include culture, art, music, dance, horses, diving and cooking.

• Can I make contact and ask extra questions?

Of course! Spirit of Egypt Tours wants to give you the holiday of a lifetime. You can email Sarwat at any time. Go to the Contacts tab and you can send a message straight away!